Due to COVID19, there could be delay in shipping.

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Genuine Products with Global Shipping Service!

* The currency of this store is US dollar.

* Due to the recent reduced number of international flights caused by the corona virus, all delivery could be delayed.

= USA =

Expected shipping time is 1-2 weeks. DHL would take about about 5-7 days.

= Mainland China =
A delay is expected (2-3 weeks).

= Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, KAZAKHSTAN =
The delivery is expected to be delayed (5-7 days) due to the reduced number of international flights.

= Qatar =
Please check with the customs office in Qatar if you can receive products at +974 444 574 57


Or You need to use forwarder service like Aramex, Shop and Ship in Hong Kong (https://www.shopandship.com/en/home).

Please contact us for more information. (Devices and cosmetics can be shipped directly)

= Germany, Switzerland, Czech, New Zealand =
A delay is expected (1-2 weeks)

= United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico = 
1-2 weeks

= Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman,Lebanon =
Limited shipping is available.
Please contact us for more information.
= UAE, Australia=
Delivery is possible.

=Peru =
DHL is available.

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