Aqua Label Hojun bubble washing face

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Cleansing foam with fine, rich foam

Fine, rich foam wraps around the skin. Protects and moisturizes the skin, creating a skin full of firmness and gloss. Facial cleansing foam every time you use it. Contains hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) and ginseng extract GL *.
* (Moisturizing) Panax ginseng extract, glycerin

Internal capacity
Product size
Width 62mm x Height 165mm x Depth 39mm
Jasmine and rose scent
Place of origin
  • It may differ from the actual display due to changes in the place of origin. Please see the product display for the actual place of origin.
Release date
Sales name
Aqua Label A Cleansing Foam
Water, glycerin, stearic acid, myristic acid, hydroxylated K, lauric acid, PEG-8, cocoyl methyl taurine Na, glyceryl stearate (SE), PEG / PPG-14 / 7 dimethyl ether, polyquaternium-39, canina rose fruit extract, Hyaluronic acid Na, hydroxyproline, water-soluble collagen, ginseng root extract, EDTA-2Na, BG, ethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, iron oxide
  • It may differ from the actual ingredients due to product improvements or changes in the display method. Please see the product display for the actual ingredients.
Precautions for use
    Please use it with caution for any abnormalities such as scratches, swelling, dampness, color loss (white spots etc.) and darkening on the skin. If it does not fit your skin, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
    Keep out of reach of infants.
    Do not leave in direct sunlight or high temperatures.
    When using a bathroom dryer, do not place it in the bathroom.